Saturday, December 26, 2009

All We Have

It's the very last week of 2009, the very last week of the decade! Are you bloated and feeling lazy after the Christmas weekend vowing that 2010 will be different as you reach for another cookie or are you all fired up to finish the year strong and keep the momentum going into the New Year?

I'm definitely bloated as it is my PMS week and I've been quite liberal with wine and salty foods, although sweets haven't been a big issue for me this year which is totally crazy but great. But I have been kicking butt in my fitness routine. I'm out walking the neighborhood, Rob and I did the mountain yesterday afternoon, I'm just back from the gym after a really good abs/arms strength session. I may finish the year a little bit up on the scale but it won't be from laying on the couch reaching for more cookies.

You know, in this one life all we really have is our health. No matter how much money we have, how many friends, how many presents we got at Christmas, none of it is worth anything without good health. Good health is without a doubt our most valuable commodity. Don't let another New Year's Day go by making the same old resolution to lose weight and then find yourself pounding boxes of chocolates by Valentine's Day. Make this week the start of a whole new life, a healthy life. Make this your very last New Year's resolution to lose weight. Choose health and fitness now and keep it going for life. All we have is our health, embrace it, nourish it and reap the rewards of it in 2010 and beyond!


  1. Hey Andra, my juicer came in the mail!! I just drank me two tall glasses of apple, carrot and celery mixture! :D sooo excited to get my health back.

    Question, does juicing replace a meal? all that nutrition would make it seem like I'm replacing a meal. Just wanted to see what you thought. THANKS!! :D


  2. I'm slowly but surely catching up in your blog! Your post "All We Have" hit home... For many years I struggled with a serious medical disease. I have up on my fridge: "Your health isn't everything, but without it, you have nothing." Even though I have been struggling with exercise (especially) and nutrition lately, it has kept me from going way way overboard. Alas, as I said in a previous post, it is time to start living my values! As I'm reading, I am more and more inspired! I have a big garden out back and eat lots of veggies (huge fan of juicing too)... tonight I really felt like ice cream. Instead, I came in from weeding, read your blog and ate some one of my favorite non-lettuce "salads": shredded beets (gold and red), shredded kohlrabi, and shredded carrots, with Drew's Poppyseed dressing. Thank you for reminding me that by eating ice cream, I am not rewarding my hard work, I am only punishing myself!