Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breaking the Fast

Oh man, did that pomegranate parfait taste wonderful! I survived the two day fast, I still have the vague headache but that should go as I continue to drink water throughout the day. Other than that, I feel really good, alert and light. I also feel warm for the first time in two days. Juice fasting leaves you feeling cold because calories and digestion is what generates heat in the body.

I picked up a shift today, so I'm back at work this afternoon. I've got a loaf of heavenly whole wheat bread working in the machine so Rob has fresh bread for dinner when he returns home this evening. I do miss him when he travels but I needed the me time.

Tomorrow is the weigh-in and my first day back at the gym. We're supposed to get snow but even if we don't it will be too cold for any outdoor activities. I hope it warms up a wee bit this weekend because I'm itching to get back out on a trail. I'm going to go back through the New Rules book and make my work sheets so I can get started on that. I'm nervous and excited. It's an intense program but I know I can do it if I'm careful and take it slow. I will keep you all posted on this project as it unfolds.

Have a great day, everyone. Be safe!


  1. Wow…I know exactly how wonderful food tastes after a fast…it makes even the simplest foods very delicious! What a wonderful feeling! I know what you mean about the warmth too…Being on a fast makes your body SO COLD. You get colder and colder the longer it goes on, and eventually find yourself in layers and layers (or, like you, in a hot bath!). I don’t think people realize that all their energy and heat comes from food. But it makes sense if you think about it. A big carb meal always leaves people warm. Like a big bowl of oatmeal or a plate of pasta always warms people up, and that is why so many people crave grains during the winter.

  2. Hi, Andra! I've been reading your blog and lurking about for a while now. You're a big inspiration to me. I love your smart advice and clever humor.

    Since you enjoy hiking so much, I thought I'd give you an idea. I work for a business school in Austin, TX. Through the school, I met the "owner" of a curvy-girl hiking club based in Georgia. It's called Trail Dames. You can google them if you'd like. The "Head Dame's" name is Anna, and she's a really good friend of mine. I think you would really enjoy the group.

    Thank you so much for your updates. It really helps keep me motivated. I'm actually going to start a green-smoothie fast tomorrow.

  3. I am seriously considering doing your two-day fast and wondering if I can really do it. Congratulations on accomplishing it! :)