Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Two

I forgot to mention in this morning's post that when I woke up and my ugly red chin pimple was gone! Juice fasting is really good for the skin. I had much less energy today then yesterday but I'll feel so much better overall for having done the fast. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting on the scale as well as getting back to the gym Friday morning.

I've tried to keep busy today even though I didn't have the attention span or energy for anything too involved. Here's the exciting details of my day...

Watched morning television, which I never do. I'll never get those brain cells back.

I booked my ticket to Boston! I'm going to watch the Oscars with my sister, hug my Mom and Auntie, play with my nephews and reconnect with some old friends. I'm so excited.

Stripped and laundered the master bedding and made the bed. I love getting into bed that has fresh, clean sheets! Have you tried Downy's new scent called spice blossom dare? Oh my, it smells so good. I've done really well at going green with all my household products but I can't give up my Downy and blue Suavitel. Can't, I tell you!

Watched Bridget Jones's Diary (Colin Firth's dimples again and my second favorite Brit of all time, Hugh Grant!)

Gave myself a manicure with Nubar Reclaim. It's a gorgeous green polish that Donna gave me for Christmas along with two other lovely colors. The holographic effect of this polish really takes you by surprise. Thanks Suga-Mama!

Watched 17Again, which was so cute. Is it bad that I want to make cougar tracks up one side of Zac Efron and down the other?

By 4:30 I was so hungry I juiced my pineapple and made my smoothie which made me so cold, I dove into a steaming hot bubble bath filled with LUSH goodies. Have you ever tried LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars? I used the vanilla fountain bath bomb with half of a bubble bar that looks like an elf. The name escapes me but the water was so soft and fragrant and bubbly I could have stayed all night. I then applied one of my favorite Black Phoenix perfume oils. I'm so blissed out right now, I can't even think straight.

I'm sipping on my last juice of the day. It will be so nice to enjoy egg on toast and a fruit parfait tomorrow. I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch American Pie 2. Thanks for joining me on my juice fast. I hope you'll try it sometime.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had a great day filled with fun movies and relaxation! I have been into a LUSH store, but never had the courage to plunk down big bucks for their products…now I’m thinking I should just pick one thing and risk it. That nail polish looks like such a fun color. I love having painted nails. I also loved the movie “17 Again”. I really had my doubts going into it, but ended up enjoying it immensely…it is really cute!