Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food, Inc.

I'm home from the gym having completed stage 1/workout a of New Rules. It's a deceptively challenging workout, I was sore this morning after doing the practice run through yesterday. It went really well, I completed the full sets and reps as indicated and on my second set of the seated row move I increased the weights from 48 to 60 pounds. I'm not going to be posting training logs here but I will write about my progress as I go along. If you want more information or details on the New Rules training program, feel free to contact me here or check out the JP Fitness forum, there is an entire section dedicated to the book.

I just brewed a cup of the genmai-cha tea I bought yesterday and I urge you to try it. It's really tasty, the rice gives it such a unique, almost sweet flavor that really rounds out that green tea bite. Green tea has loads of health benefits but I just love the way it tastes and that gentle green tea buzz is heaven!

Last night Rob and I watched the documentary Food, Inc. It really cemented the reasons why I've become interested in knowing what is in the food I put in my body and where it came from. It's a powerful film with many disturbing images. It may seem that making a change in the food system is insurmountable, but each time you read a label in order to make a better choice, choose something healthy over processed junk, choose not to buy from stores or corporations who value greed more than the health of its consumers, choose local goods over those which have traveled thousands of miles, say no to fast food, choose to shop at farmer's markets whenever possible you are making a change. You are speaking with your wallet and no matter how small that choice may seem at the time, it can still make a difference.

To anyone who reads this post, please watch Food, Inc and take a moment to read the 10 simple things you can do to help make changes to our food system.

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