Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Weigh-In and Show Me Your Picture!

Well that last half a pound I put on over the holidays is gone, baby, gone. Back down to 183 and my next mini-goal is to hit triple digits of weight lost. Don't know if I'll make it before I leave for Boston on March 3rd, but I'll keep working it. I completed my second New Rules workout at the gym this morning, not as bad as I thought since I was so very sore from Wednesday. I may be incapacitated tomorrow, but hopefully feeling sprightly enough for a nice long nature walk with my husband on Sunday (weather permitting.)

Now for something completely different and hopefully it will go over better than a lead balloon. I would love to get to know you, the reader, better and make some posts that get you involved. Do you have "before and after" pics attributed to living a healthy lifestyle? Do you have a photo of you doing your favorite healthy activity? I'd love to post them with a little blurb about you. Are you interested? If so, please reply to this post in a comment that includes your e-mail address (the comments that include the e-mail address won't be posted publicly, your privacy will be safeguarded) and I will get in touch with you.

Just the bags from Trader Joe's and some tidying up stands between me and a long hot shower. I better get to it. I hope you have a beautiful Friday and that your weekend is full of fun!


  1. Glad you are liking NROLW - if you have any questions on it, let me know - I lurved doing that book. Kicked my azz sometimes, though :D

  2. Andra,
    I love your posts and your journey and have been so inspired. My personal issue for not doing my best with a healthy lifestyle is that I am a full-time working mother with a husband who is in retail, which means crazy hours, including all Saturdays. By the time my son is in bed, after getting two full hours of playtime and his dinner in, dad comes in to join in the play, then it is bath and bedtime for our son and we are left looking at each other at 8-8:30pm trying to figure out dinner and quality time before crashing out for the night. Our lives are fast and blessed but there is little to no "me" time. If that time is spent exercising then it is impossible to do other things like scrapbooking. What do you do when your time is so stretched?
    Louisville, KY

  3. Howdy Andra, I'm new to blogging and enjoying your's. I'd like to do the before & after thing but not sure where to post my email address. Help!
    Cheers, Gail

  4. i think its a great idea getting people involved. i love ur blog. i've really only started exercising 2 weeks ago.. so i'm only 7 lbs down but i enjoy this journey bc i know i'm not alone. i really like reading how ur feeling or what ur eating. it helps keep me inspired!

  5. No pictures yet, I am just getting started!

    Speaking of Trader Joe's, I tried their "Rice and Beans" chips I think they are.. SO GOOD! They sounded gross but a friend forced them on me, and they are yum.

  6. Gail, make a new comment with your e-mail address in it. I won't publish it but you will get an e-mail reply from me.

    Lori, love your new haircut and yes, I have major butthurt from the deadlifts but in such a good way!

    Jamie, keep up the good work! You can do it.

    Jenn, I'm not much of a chip person but I'll have to check them out for my husband who loves snack chips.