Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Weigh-In

182.5, another half pound gone. I'm just back from the gym where I did stage 1, workout A3. I'm really liking this program. I'm already seeing improvements to my strength and ability. I added the 12 pound body bar to my squats, added 5 pound dumbbells to my step-ups, did my seated rows at 84 pounds and graduated from a 45 degree push up to a 30 degree push up. If you've gotten stale in your workout routine, pick up a copy of The New Rules of Lifting for Women it's really changed my thinking on working out and busted so many fitness myths that I've been spoon fed over the years.

Right before I started stage 1, I took my measurements and my fat percentage on the device at my gym. The one on my scale in wonky. I'm not entirely sure that the one at the gym is 100% accurate but it's been very consistent in its measurements. When I first measured with it June, I was 43% fat and last week I was at 38%, so that's progress. I'm actually down a half percent when I peeked this morning, but I'm not going to take an official tally until I complete stage 1.

I made a kick ass "pumping iron" play list. I like to hit shuffle and let it go, I never know what I'm going to get. Maybe I should have called it the "Box of Chocolates" mix.

I Got a Feeling and Boom Boom Pow~ Black Eyed Peas
Bat Out of Hell~ Meat Loaf
Crazy in Love~ Beyonce
Superfreak~ Rick James
You're So Vain~ Carly Simon
Touch, Peel, Stand~ Days of the New
Sugarlumps~ Flight of the Conchords
Fat Bottom Girls, Don't Stop Me Now, Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy
and Princes of the Universe~ Queen
Surrender~ Cheap Trick
Telephone and Bad Romance~ Lady Gaga
Stricken~ Disturbed
Thunderstruck~ AC/DC
I Will Not Bow~ Breaking Benjamin
Everything's Gonna Be Alright~ JoDeCi with Father MC
Spiderwebs~ No Doubt
Vin-Da-Loo~ Fat Les
Are You Gonna Be My Girl~ Jet
Read 'Em and Weep~ Barry Manilow

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