Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Me and My Juicer

2010! I'm still not tired of thinking about it. A whole new year, a clean slate of possibilities. The fridge is empty and any leftover goodies are tucked away in the freezer or up on a high shelf that I can't even reach with the step ladder. Sweets were not my downfall during the holidays but salty things like the gourmet salame from Williams-Sonoma that my dad sent (face palm,) cheese and truffle flat bread really got to me. Though I've gotten back to basics the last three days, the holiday bacchanalia coupled with my period has me feeling bloated and a little under the weather with a lovely red pimple on my chin.

So like last year, I'm doing a juice fast. For the next two days, my juicer and I are going to be best friends. I was at the market bright and early this morning where I stocked the cart with fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow. I'm going to drink lots of herbal tea and lemon water to banish the bloat and cleanse my palate, which I must admit is still dreaming of lovely, salty foodstuffs.

The conditions for a fast are optimal, my next shift isn't until Friday and Rob left this morning on business. He will be back on Thursday afternoon so I won't have to take on any meal preparations until he returns. I have lofty visions of using my time productively, like starting my office project and doing some cleaning and general tidying and organizing. But since I'll probably get very cranky along with a thumping headache, I give myself permission to completely goof off on the Internet, take naps and bubble baths and watch my new Snow White blu-ray. Two things are certain, though. I will definitely get more, if not all, of the New Rules book read and no workouts until the fast is over.

I'll be back tomorrow, if not later today, to let you know how I'm getting on. Have a fabulous day!


  1. i was just trying to figure out what else i could add to this first week of the year to help me have a jump start.. since the juicer idea has been 'i'm ready to start.. as soon as... after the.... blah blah...' i think now is the time. My Jack LaLanne is sitting in a box in the basement...... i need to set it free!!!!

  2. "Me and My Bag of Cashew Lover's Poppycock." If I wrote a blog, that would be today's post header. I definitely need a cleanse.

  3. you're an inspiration! as i mentioned on bpal, i'm juicing almost daily and working on strengthening my body. YAY!

  4. I've been back to juicing for some time now - in fact since I found your blog some time ago. You reminded me of how good it was and so I dragged out my old juicer and started the process. Now a couple of months later, I've purchased two more juicers and am growing and juicing my own wheatgrass every morning before I drink my veggie juice.

    Good for you for fasting to start out the year fresh and clean.

  5. Wow, a juice fast sounds super-fun! I love fasting and think it is very effective and healthy. Surprised you are on board with it…you always seem so cautious. But glad to hear that you are doing it! Have fun!