Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reader Question to Just One Thing: Hunger

Reader Tamara had a great question in response to this morning's "Just One Thing" that I want to address straight away. Tamara wrote...

This is great advice, and something I am going to try and implement. I have a desk job, and notice myself snacking out of boredom or stress so often. It's a great idea to stop and ask yourself what's causing that feeling, rather than just turning to stuff something into your mouth. I also find myself, when stressed, feeding myself negative thoughts like, "I deserve to eat this because _______ happened." or "It's not going to hurt if I have just a few." and before you know it, half the bag of chips is gone. I know you have addressed this kind of unproductive self-talk before. What do you find is the best way to get through those moments?

This is where accountability really comes into play. Instead of saying "I deserve to eat this because _______ happened." Ask yourself, "How will this food choice help me reach my goal of being fit, strong and healthy?" It's not easy but after a while you'll find that you don't need to reward negative thoughts with food.

While you are learning new behaviors, it helps to be prepared. If you really need to partake in a bit of stress eating to get you through, make sure you have healthy choices available for when these munchies hit. This will keep you away from the vending machine. Pack a healthy snack or two when you pack your lunch. A handful of toasted pistachios or a sweet, crispy apple or baby carrots and spicy hummus can satisfy a stress hunger craving and add fiber and nutrients to your body.

A strong, healthy body is what you'll get in return for treating yourself with nourishment and respect. That's truly a reward worth having.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I really have to work on stopping and thinking about each thing that I put in my mouth. TIme for no more nonsense - I need to get in the habit of feeding my body and not my emotions. I must start being mindful and stop eating mindlessly.

    When I do feel the need to graze, I am going to make it a point to be prepared and have healthy alternatives on hand for when those moments strike. I have some ziploc snack-sized bags that are perfect for portion control. I have some kashi seven-grain crackers to pack, and I like the idea of baby carrots or even whole fruit. I have some delicious pears that are just about ripe.

    Again, thank you so much, Andra. I'll keep you updated and, of course, keep reading faithfully.