Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Workout and Food Shopping

Lisa made it back safely from England after being delayed due to the uncharacteristically heavy snow that the north of England has had this season. We met at the gym this morning for some cardio and a practice session to prepare for Stage 1, workouts A and B of New Rules. I wanted to make sure I could safely perform all the moves before I got started. I completely surprised myself by being able to deadlift the 7 foot long, 45 pound bar and do prone jack knives on a Swiss ball. Yay!

From the gym, I headed straight to Harry's to food shop. The larder was getting bare and I was completely out of juice produce. $154 (ouch) later...

Oh, look at all that lovely produce! There's a mango and 4 huge pomegranates, some Meyer lemons, avocado, fresh, local turnip greens, purple cabbage, asparagus, shangai bok choy, spinach and the most amazing bunch of local collards I've ever seen. Those are getting cooked up tonight.

Deal on the eggs, around $3 for 18 local, hand gathered, cage free/antibiotic free. And the milk, oh how I love the Sparkman's cream valley milk from Georgia. It's expensive but it's the most delicious milk. I use it only to cream my coffee and Yorkshire tea but Rob loves it in his Weetabix. They don't always have it so when they do I have to have it. I also got some meat, a bit of chicken, pork tenderloin and a small beef chuck roast for chili. Greek Gods yogurt for my pomegranate parfaits!

For the dry goods, there's beans, tomatoes, whole wheat flour and oat bran for bread, Newcastle Brown for the chili and two types of loose leaf tea, Yamamotoyama Sencha and Genmai Cha. Those two big bags cost less than $7 total! I'd love to brew a pot right now but it's a little late for the caffeine and I'm still high from the workout endorphins.

I got all the stuff put away and the produce for the juice packs is soaking. I'm making braised collards with black eyed peas and tomatoes for dinner, I'll serve it with a bit of brown rice to round out the meal. Other menus I have planned are spicy beef and pinto bean chili, Asian chicken fried rice from this month's Cooking Light magazine, roast pork with Swiss chard and polenta, seared tilapia with mango and watercress salad, chickpea curry and some batch soup (spicy tomato, turnip green and potato soup.)

That's my Tuesday! I hope you're all having a fantastic start to the week and I'll see you tomorrow with the details of my first New Rules workout.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very productive day :) I love doing our weekly grocery and discovering new and healthy alternatives to the usual products we use.