Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just One Thing: Be Prepared

You've heard this before but it is worth a rerun...prior preparation prevents piss poor performance! When living a healthy lifestyle, it pays to be prepared. Menu planning, batch cooking and making sure you have a variety of healthy, portable snacks ready makes living a healthy lifestyle easy. When you're hungry, your resolve to make better choices can be weakened. Pack a healthy lunch and some crunchy, high fiber snacks so that you won't be tempted by empty junk calories lurking in fast food or in the vending machine.

I know that some of you spend a part of the weekend batch cooking and that's awesome! I've fallen into the routine of menu planning on Sunday morning and batch cooking on Wednesday since that's usually a day off for me. A little bit of planning ensures that I'm never caught without something delicious and nutritious to eat. That way, I can be in charge of when I want to eat something indulgent, something really worth it.


  1. Just One Thing: Be Prepared

    I was wondering what are some good fiber foods that will keep me from wanting to eat everything in sight. I just need some ideas of snacks. Im a nanny so I am surrounded by cookies, crackers, and junk.


  2. Great advice. I like a hand full of almonds too... they keep me satisfied.