Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Magazine Review: Everyday Food

Let me start off by saying that I'm now part of the Amazon Associates program so if you click through my blog to shop on Amazon, I will get a (very) small kick back. I have absolutely no financial relationship with any of the books, movies or magazines that I review on my blog. I will only post links to media that I feel has useful or important information that can contribute to living a healthy lifestyle.

As you know, I'm a magazine freak. I love food magazines above all, they are a fantastic resource of healthy seasonal recipes. One of my favorites is Everyday Food from Martha Stewart Living. It's a small format magazine, so it's easy to work with and every month is packed end to end with a variety of interesting and easy recipes.

The recipes in Everyday Food use fresh, whole ingredients, are not complicated and feature produce that is in season. There is a good mix of meat based and vegetarian meals, too. Since we're going meatless at least 3 days a week, this is a great feature. Everyday Food encourages its readers to try new things and flavors, while making the recipes using these items (such as fish sauce) really approachable. Other highly useful features are the cook once/eat twice recipes and the one ingredient, different recipes which makes buying a particular ingredient in bulk fresh and interesting.

The January/February issue has been well used in my kitchen. I loved the Chick Pea Curry, the Turkey Kabobs with Cole Slaw that was transformed into lunch wraps and the Braised Collards with Tomatoes, which froze and reheated beautifully. I'm going food shopping tomorrow and the majority of my menus comes from the March issue that just arrived. I can't wait to make the Cobb Salad with poached eggs and the baked fennel.

If you're in the market for uncomplicated, interesting and healthy recipes Everyday Food definitely fits the bill. The companion website is also worth checking out.

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