Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Makeover Time!

After leaving the gym this morning, I popped over to the salon because my hair was badly in need of a trim. I was delighted to find that Heather was back. She had cut my hair a few times last year and when she left I was very disappointed. My hair had gotten so long it always ends up in a clip or a ponytail. I was getting bored and was flirting with the idea of something different but was also having haircut anxiety. Once I saw Heather, I knew I could get more than just a trim and leave happy. And I'm happy!

It's a "medium bob with layers." Still long enough to wear up for workouts but short and stylish enough to actually wear in a style. Thanks Heather!

I hope your Wednesday is shaping up to be a beautiful day. I've got batch cooking planned. I've soaked the beans overnight for the turkey pinto bean chili. I've had the bananas practically rotting on the side to sweeten the delectable yet nutritious breakfast muffins I've been making for Rob (that he loves and requested more.) And I'll do my juice packs and make bread. In between, I'm hoping to get some recipes up for you. I made the most wonderful parsnip potato puree with pot roast on the weekend and Monday's Tunisian Vegetable Stew was a surprise hit. I also have a diet book review to post so I better get moving.


  1. lookin' great! as always. :)
    hope your have a great wednesday too.

  2. Andra, you look GREAT! I love the new 'do. Super stylish and functional, too - can't beat it!

    I found the link to the Sweet Potato Burrito recipe online. Here's a link to it:

    Sending you big hugs from Texas!!

  3. TOTALLY cute. TOTALLY skinny. you rock.

  4. LOVE the hair! It's so polished!

  5. Cute haircut! And wow, your face is looking so's not just the hair :)

    (this is savage_rose, btw...I've been reading your blog and Caitlyn's healthytippingpoint, and was getting too annoying not being able to comment properly! Like I needed another blog ;))

  6. Girlie,
    We totally have the same haircut.
    People are going to think we are weird pointy chinned twins!
    BTW, I thought Rob didn't like "Ba-nah-nahs"!

  7. This is very good, really your hairs are really very beautiful.

  8. Thanks for all the lovely compliments! I hope my hair turns out as well when I try styling it. :O

    Laura, now I'll know that you're you!

  9. Commenting on Makeover Time =)

    This just drove home the point that it's been too long since I have seen you - YOU LOOK DIFFERENT! Like, 7 or 8 pounds different, at least, even just looking at your face. I love the haircut & I'm so glad that your favorite stylist is back. (Get her cell number now! Or give her all your contact info so she can poach you for her new place if she leaves again.)