Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Chit-Chat

How did everyone fare during Valentine's weekend? Did you eat your weight in red heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate or did you manage to indulge thoughtfully? It was a mine field for me this year. Every Valentine's Day, one of our long term resident's daughter mobilizes an army of family members to bake up a mountain of cake, brownie and cookie love for our staff. This year it was off the chain, I've never seen so many beautiful, handmade treats in one place, not even in a fully stocked bakery.

I managed to indulge sensibly on a homemade treat on both Saturday and Sunday but stayed within my calories. It's a small victory that I didn't go nuts and eat everything in sight because I'm emotionally exhausted (got some upsetting family health news a few days ago) so my mind is with my family in Boston right now and I'm trying to hold it together until I can get there in two weeks.

I was feeling tired this morning but didn't let that deter me from getting to the gym. The endorphins are just what I needed today. I completed workout B6, just 4 more workouts plus the two special workouts and I'll be having my week off before starting Stage 2. I'm home now, going to finish up the laundry and put my feet up. I'm going to get lost in the Olympics for a while, the pairs figure skating short program from last evening is waiting on my DVR.

If you are able, please send some healthy vibes and prayers in the direction of Boston, MA. It would be greatly appreciated. I'll leave you with a photo of the lovely pink carnations that we nurses got. I arranged them in a pretty bowl I have. Nothing like a fluffy, pink bouquet to brighten the day. Be safe and have a wonderful day.


  1. I had a small piece of yellow cake with a tiny bit if icing... faired well, I think.

  2. I hope your family is going to be okay - my thoughts are with you.