Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Not Just Eat the Donut?

Last night at work one of the family members brought in a box of fresh Krispy Kremes for the staff. Have you ever had a fresh Krispy Kreme? Then you know they defy description, are created with something akin to crack because they are completely addictive. I've come a long way, I can probably eat just one donut now without triggering a crazy binge attack. So why not just eat the donut?

For starters, I don't want work to once again become a place that I associate with always eating some sort of junk food. I don't want to condition my brain to expect a treat just because I am at work. It's an unhealthy habit that was tough to break, but I did it and don't want to undo it. I take my own food to work, so other than on special occasions like the Valentine's brownie mountain or the Family Thanksgiving dinner, I stick with all the delicious and nutritious foodstuffs that I've packed into my lunch bag.

I love my treats, my planned indulgences but I don't need to be eating donuts on Tuesday night. That donut is not going to help me get to where I want to be. Does that donut taste good? Of course it does, I know *exactly* how delicious that donut is. But is it worth the indigestion that is sure to follow? No! Is it worth the sugar low that may make me not want to get up and get to the gym this morning? No! Does that donut taste better than the freedom from junk food feels? NO!

That is why I chose not to eat the donut and don't regret it.
I'll be at the gym. :)


  1. I love it!!!! I am the same way!

  2. RE: "Why Not Just Eat the Donut?"
    I totally agree with you here. And I hate when people say the following things: “You are thin now, why don’t you just eat that donut?”
    “One donut isn’t going to hurt you, you know.”
    “I know you are eating healthy, but it’s a holiday/birthday/party/weekend and you should indulge!” Ugh. They drive me nuts.

  3. "That donut is not going to help me get to where I want to be."

    That level of awareness and ability to see the big picture is your ticket to Health-ville and Trim City.

    Great post and much to think about.

  4. Maybe you only eat one. But if you're like me after the first compromise the second, third etc are that much easier to rationalize. Congrats on resisting!