Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Creative Leftover Meal

I guess meatloaf got it's bad reputation over the years from being bland, overcooked bricks being passed off as dinner. Maybe I'm in the minority because I really enjoy good meatloaf. I made it the other night using white meat ground turkey flavored with Montreal chicken seasoning, shredded apple and chutney then frosted with BBQ sauce. I know it sounds weird but it is so tasty! The accompaniments were roasted baby broccoli and whipped cauliflower.

For leftovers this evening, I pulled out the George Foreman and made meatloaf panini. Homemade heavenly whole wheat bread layered with Alpine Lace lower fat Swiss cheese (this is the one reduced fat cheese that melts like cheese is supposed to melt,) whole grain Dijon mustard, baby salad greens and thinly sliced turkey meatloaf. Pressed on the grill until crispy on the outside, melty-cheesy and warm on the inside...yummy.

So this crazy Atlanta winter has thrown us another curve ball. Snow in March, ugh! I'm sure it caused all sorts of problems at the airport today but my flight is listed as on-time at the moment so hopefully I will be off without a hitch. I have a couple of posts scheduled to pop up while I'm gone so watch this space. Have a fantastic week and I'll see you in Boston!


  1. I LOVE meatloaf. I specifically love cold leftover meatloaf sandwiches.

    I tend to stuff my meatloaf with carrots and zucchini. Yum.

  2. I haven't had meatloaf in forever.

    Have you tried Cabot reduced fat cheeses? They are amazing for lowfat cheese!

  3. "Creative Leftover Meal"


    Please share how you make your "whipped cauliflower" -- thanks!


  4. Since you're a juicer, here's a tip that I use when making my turkey meatloaf: use the pulp from the fruits and veggies that you juice in your meatloaf. I always use the super-lean ground turkey for my meatloaf, and the veggie pulp leftover from juicing adds delicious flavor and moisture to the dish.

    Leftovers can also be crumbled into marinara sauce for a meaty spaghetti sauce, made into shephard's pie, obviously made into delicious sandwiches, etc. I always make two 2.5 lb loaves, as it freezes really well, too!