Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back at Home

As much as I hate to tear myself away from my family, it is wonderful to be home at Shady Dame in the company of my husband. It was fabulous to come home to find buds on my Japanese magnolia and on the dogwood trees and was so excited to see this...

The first daffodils have bloomed! Spring is certainly on the way and I am so ready for her to arrive.

I'm all unpacked and the laundry is almost done. I have missed blogging but rather enjoyed being unplugged from the Internet for a week. Other than my moderating duties at BPAL.org and the blog, I can see myself spending even less time in front of this screen.

I'll need to be spending that time at the gym as I'm definitely bloated. I have not been on the scale since right before I left and I know that I have gained. It's funny, before I could never tell if I gained one pound, ten or twenty but I can definitely feel and see the 4 or 5 that I piled on while I was away. But how could I resist the best pizza in the Universe and the canoli that I had been craving since Fourth of July? We were very active, though and we did get in an amazing morning at the beach walking and running in the sun, so it wasn't all pizza, wine and treats.

What really amazed me this trip was just how much bigger the airplane seats and airplane bathroom seemed. It sure makes the whole air travel experience so much more enjoyable.

I hope you are all doing well and if you get a chance to check out the free book The Full Plate Diet, please let me know what you think of it. Air travel wears me out so I'm going to cuddle up on the couch with Rob and enjoy the evening. See you back here soon!


  1. Daffodils! They give me hope. :)

    Welcome home!

  2. (Reply to Post "Back at Home" Tuesday March 9, 2010)

    Hey Andra! Me again. I actually worked for the company that helped make The Full Plate Diet happen. If you download the audiobook, I'm the narrator. :) I know the authors and one of the examples in the book, "Joe" is one of my ex-coworkers.

    I think the principles in the book are sound - eating high-fiber, nutrient-dense foods will naturally leave less room in your tummy for typical Standard American Diet junk food. I always find myself reaching for something that I know is high-fiber before I go out to eat, and I try really hard to choose snacks that are healthy and high-fiber before any other snack.

    I wish they had put more of an emphasis on being active and exercising, though. That's my only complaint. :)

    Hope this helps.