Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best Salad Ever!

Rob doesn't travel out of town for work nearly as often as he used to but when he does, I head down to Jeff and Donna's for a visit and dinner. Jeff is a really good cook but he was busy with work most of the day so he took us to Houston's last evening. They have a really nice menu and I decided to take a chance of one of the delectable sounding entree salads. Entree salads are ho-hum at best but the selection was outstanding. Here's the menu so you can see what I mean. I chose the Thai Steak and Noodle salad and it was the best salad meal that I've ever had.

I did a search for the recipe and found it! I had to share it with you because, my goodness, it is so good. It's not exact but looks really close. My salad had some chunks of avocado rather than cucumber so it's an easy swap. The dressing was outrageous. I asked for it on the side and used about two tablespoons of it. The combination of flavors, colors and textures was unique. It had crunchy, hot, sweet, chewy, freshness, so good! I'm definitely going to be making this salad for Rob and look forward to having it again.

What's the best entree salad you've ever had? Please share the recipe, too!


  1. I have had a Lobster Cobb that had chilled chunks of lobster in lieu of the usual chicken or turkey. It was a long time before I wanted a plain old Cobb salad again ;-)

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