Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Weigh-In and Retraining Taste Buds

Woohoo! Just two pounds up post vacation, not too bad considering how much I enjoyed myself with food and wine. I should be back to 176.5 for the next weigh-in. First day back at the gym, the first workout New Rules Stage 2. It was fun doing new weight bearing contortions and I loved being back on the elliptical trainer, I actually missed it. I will be sore tomorrow but I welcome it.

Now, let's talk about taste buds. Do you think that taste buds are something that can be trained to delight in healthy food? Absolutely they can! Case in point, before I left for Boston I made a huge pot of minestrone soup. I proclaimed it the best soup I've ever made, so rich and tasty, almost like a vegetable stew. I brought a container of it to work for supper last evening. On the first taste I couldn't believe how bland it tasted. Of course it tasted bland, after almost a week of eating rich and tasty food like Santarpio's pizza along side hot sausage and grilled lamb, Steak Diane and Chicken Marsala at Cheesecake Factory, grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, cheese and salami with dates washed down with crisp Sauvignon Blanc, you get the idea.

Now it's time for me to retrain my taste buds to crave all the delicious and nutritious food that will fuel my body with energy, give me a clear mind, even keeled moods, great sleep and a happy outlook. All that food I listed above tasted wonderful, but that's all it's really good for, to enjoy on special occasions but not for optimal healthy living. I'm going to cleanse my palate with crisp, juicy apples, fresh vegetable juice, pure water, carrots and celery dipped in hummus and big, fresh salads and lean meats. I want my taste buds working for me, not against me. So just as I worked out my muscles, so my taste buds are going back in training.

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  1. In regards to your post "Friday Weigh-In and Retraining Taste Buds".

    I haven't thought about retraining taste buds. This is fascinating and totally true. I always thought it was the higher calorie content that my body was missing when I would go from eating freely back to my diet and things tasted so bland (boring). But you're right, it's also probably that my taste buds have been spoiled. I definitely know this applies to eating salty foods. The more salt I eat the more desensitized to it I become. Other tastes probably work in the same way. Thanks for the insight.