Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Weigh-In

Happy Friday! It's a gorgeous day here and though I have to work, I am thrilled to have a warm, sunny day. The herbs I splurged on at Whole Foods on Wednesday are luxuriating in the sunshine right now. They are organic, regional from a farm in North Carolina and they are beautiful. I chose tarragon, Italian parsley, Italian oregano, rosemary, mint, African basil and peppermint. I'll be taking them in at night until I transplant them after April 1st. I can't wait to get my kitchen garden going again.

The nice weather is going to carry over to Saturday, so Rob and I are going to head up the mountain for a long overdue trail walk. Then we'll spend the rest of the day pottering around our yard, making plans for flower beds and the vegetable garden and soaking up lots of sun. Don't you just adore springtime?

About the weigh-in, I'm down a pound to 177.5 and have frustrated myself by obsessing about the scale this week. This has prompted me to do something different. I'm going to start doing monthly weigh-ins. I'm going to attempt to stay off the scale until April 1st then not get on it again until May 1st. 175 is looming and you know it's a pretty big deal for me to get below that and it's never going to happen if I keep hopping on and off the damn scale every five minutes. I have been lax about tracking my calories so that will change. I don't want to let extra snacking calories sneak up on me. I must keep reminding myself, health and fitness first, scale second!!!

As for my workouts, stage 2 of The New Rules of Lifting for Women is tough which is amazing for getting the endorphins flowing. I had three excellent workouts this week and feel like I'm continuing to make good progress in the fitness department. I can't say enough good things about weight-lifting. I'd rather do an hour of heavy lifting then pound away aimlessly on the treadmill for the same amount of time. It's hard but it is so much fun and keeps the muscles guessing and with a program like New Rules it changes often enough to keep it fresh and interesting. If you haven't tried it, give it a go. You're never too heavy, too old or too anything to start lifting weights. You won't get big, bulky muscles but you will get fit, strong and improve balance and coordination.


  1. Your idea to weigh in once a month is a good one. (re: Post on 03/19/10) Just relax- your success proves that you know what you're doing. I'm at the beginning of my weight-loss journey (again), & I usually only step on the scale at the doctor's office. "Work hard, but don't obsess" is my mantra for weight-loss this time around.

  2. Good idea on the weighing in once a month - I know how it is to be hopping on and off the scale and getting frustrated...
    For the time being I stopped NRL4W because I signed up for a half marathon at the end of May, and there was a part in the book where it said training for a marathon wasn't really compatible with the program - so I got scared! My plan is to pick it up again after the race and devote the summer months to it. Glad to hear it's going so well for you!