Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just One Thing: Exercise

Our bodies were designed to move, not sit idly for hours on end. People can argue at length about what is healthy and what is not but no one can deny that physical activity is good for our health. Our bodies and minds can reap rewards now and for years to come with just 30-40 minutes a day.

Physical activity can take so many different forms including dancing, gardening, group boot camp, nature walks, playing Frisbee, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, walking the dog, running on the beach, shoveling snow and building snow men. It's not meant to be punishment or take you away from things you love to do, physical activity can be fun and can enhance the overall quality of life.

If your doctor prescribed an ointment for you to apply to your infected right eye twice daily for 10 days, there is no doubt that you would follow his advice. The health of your eye depends on it. By the same token, the health of your body depends on getting some daily physical activity. So write yourself a prescription and get moving.

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