Monday, March 15, 2010

Office Project V. 2.0

What a productive weekend! We made the final tweaks to the office yesterday and not only is it tidy, it's a room we both really want to be in. Rob hung all the framed photos that made up the "Wall of Shame" at our old house but spent the last 4 years wrapped up in a box. I framed some new photos, too and am really enjoying having them to look at.

It turns out I didn't need Craigslist after all. Rob remember that his old desk, which isn't much more than a rectangular table, was up in the room over the garage. We brought it down and set it in the corner and it's perfect. I think people often forget (I know we do) to shop their own closets, cupboards and storage areas before running off to the spend money on something they may already have. I will definitely remember for next time. And I found a steal at Lowe's, a beautiful roll of carpet remnant priced at $15 that we cut to size for chair mats. Got to love a bargain like that. Have a look-see...

Walls of Shame and "new" table

Floor Mat and my old desk chair that
my butt couldn't fit in, now back in its place

Rob also hung up some pretty shadow boxes that my sister bought for me in the guest room and now that room is complete. We have the next set of house projects lined up, things that should have been done long ago but now we're ready to get them done. We bought the paint to refresh the furniture in one of the guest rooms along with decorative knobs for the dresser and night stand and selected some color swatches for the front door. I have wanted to paint that front door since we first bought Shady Dame and it's finally going to be done. I'll post a picture as soon as it's done.

I've been to the gym and my quads and glutes are having words with me. And they aren't nice ones. I've got most of the laundry done (clean towels and bedding yay,) made homemade protein bars adapted from the recipe in the new rules book and have homemade chicken stock simmering on the stove. Eating healthy and exercising has made me more of a productive person, has made me want to get things done, take on new challenges, learn new things. Instead of thinking about doing/learning/going and then burying those thoughts under a pile of Twinkies, brownies and burritos, I feel light and free to DO. I wonder why that is, I will explore that more in another post.

I must go and check on the stock. I hope your Monday is hassle free and happy!


  1. I'm an organizing freak so I love these before and afters and such....GREAT JOB!

  2. Nice job on the new office! You have a ton of pictures :D

  3. Why do you want to be more productive? Well, first off, you have more energy. And second, you're practicing following through on goals and seeing results, so it inspires you to do more. Wonderful job!
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