Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Candy Monster

Holidays for the most part have origins deeply rooted in paganism. Then organized religions molded these pagan festivals onto their own beliefs so that they could convert the pagans. How exactly is it then that Big Candy came in and took over and made us believe that our holiday celebrations aren't complete unless we gorge ourselves on large quantities of their product?

But it's for the children! Bollocks, more candy is the last thing the kids in this country need. Here I go sounding all Grinchy again. But seriously, holiday candy is sinister. Easter candy is so pretty. How can it be bad if it's pink? C'mon, PINK! You know how I feel about pink. Just wrap chocolate up in a shiny pink wrapper and I just lose my mind. And don't even get me started on Cadbury creme eggs. They are my absolute weakness. Fat Andra used to eat about three dozen before the actual holiday even rolled around. Then I would eat some more because the day after they'd be on clearance for 50% off.

Those days are gone. I know better now. I know that if I gorge on Easter candy it will interfere with my goals of getting stronger and healthier. And to be honest, I want to wear size 10 pants. I was thrilled with the 14s I bought the other day but when I was looking at how nicely proportioned those 10s were, my engine got stoked for that goal.

Last year I purchased a small box of creme eggs for Rob and I to share on our long weekend. I did the same this year. My favorite Easter candy as a planned indulgence, I can deal with that and still make my goals. So avoid the trap of The Candy Monster. Choose your treat thoughtfully, savor it, share it with someone you love but keep your eyes firmly on the prize of a strong, vibrant and healthy life!

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  1. My wife was lamenting the lack of easter candy so in our weekly 50 mile one-way trip to the grocery store bought her One (and only one) Cadburry Egg (she likes the caramel filled ones, though) and a bag of the foil wrapped Reese's PB eggs.

    I haven't touched a single one and don't intend to. Intend to, anyway.