Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monthly Weigh-In: April 1st

I was hoping that not obsessing about the scale wouldn't come back to bite me in the ass but nevertheless it did. I'm up 4 pounds. How the hell did that happen? I think I have a pretty good idea and here's one of the reasons...

Luscious Lemon Raspberry Trifle


Hee! I couldn't resist. Seriously, I'm back to 176.5, my pre-Boston low weight and I'm pretty excited about it. I know what to do, I'm doing it and enjoying myself in the process. I am confident that the May 1st weigh in will bring 175 or less!

I did make and eat that trifle, though. Lisa's parents, Trevor and Margaret, are visiting from England. On Sunday Lisa had a party in honor of Trev's 70th birthday and since he's a big fan of trifle, I had to whip one up. It came out really good and like Nicolas Cage, was gone in 60 seconds. Next time, I will make the lemon custard less sweet and add berries to the layers rather than just on top. It's been great to spend some time with Margaret again, she and I have become quite close over the years despite the distance of miles. She's my favorite pen-pal, a kindred spirit in the kitchen and all around lovely lady.

Lisa and I finished Stage 2 of New Rules yesterday and I'm am really sore today. I deadlifted 105 pounds and worked up to 85 pounds on the underhand lat pull down. I'm amazed at how effectively this program builds strength. And along with the strength I have built this body confidence that I have never had in my 40 years. And that is what healthy living is all about. Feeling good in one's own skin.


  1. Man, that trifle looks awesome! Good for you on the physical fitness front.

  2. Man, that trifle looks awesome. Keep up the good work with your exercise plan.

  3. I'll have some of that trifle...

    Congrats on the next NROLW stage!! It is amazing how strong you get. Just wait until stage 5, I think it is. That will kick your butt!