Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Goodie: Maille Dijon Originale

I'm always looking for interesting condiments to give new zing to "the usual." But many condiments are high in fat and sugar so when I find something that is low in both, I always get a little excited. But what's new about mustard? This isn't just mustard, Maille Dijon Originale is the creamiest, richest, most flavorful mustard that has ever passed my mustard-loving lips!

creamy and delicious

Maille Dijon has a nice heat to it which is tempered by the rich, creamy texture. It doesn't burn like some other Dijon mustard I've tried over the years. As a base for vinaigrette salad dressing, it gives an amazing richness and body allowing me to use less olive oil. It's wonderful straight up on sandwiches and it makes the most amazing mock Hollandaise sauce, that Rob dubbed "Mollandaise."

Hollandaise sauce is heavenly with all that clarified butter and egg yolks but who has time to whisk an emulsion slowly over a warm water bath on a busy weekend? Mollandaise is super easy and can turn a plate of eggs (yawn) into a fabulous Sunday brunch.

For the Mollandaise sauce just mix one to two tablespoons Maille Dijon mustard and three tablespoons your favorite light mayonnaise with the juice of one lemon. That's it. Then take a whole wheat English muffin and layer it up with some veggies (steamed asparagus or artichoke hearts are best,) some Canadian or turkey bacon and a couple of poached eggs then drizzle with the sauce. Devour!

The Maille Whole Grained Dijon is delectable, too. The little mustard seeds just burst with flavor and texture. Give Maille a try!

What is your favorite condiment?


  1. Very interesting...may have to look that up. I have focused very much at adding high flavor, low cal items to cooking or food prep. I don't use mayo anymore...mustard only. I love a good stone ground mustard, honey, and lemon-pepper baked on salmon.

    I also tend to focus on spices rather than sauces for foods...sauces are either really fattening or take too much tinkering to make them worthwhile.

    I probably should try making more purees, than sauces, but that is an effort I'm not necessarily willing to do.

  2. Oooo - that sounds good!

    My favorite condiment is hot sauce! Lots and lots of hot sauce :D

  3. I agree, mustard over mayo. I personally like to make vinaigrettes with dijon mustard and maybe use some coarse grain mustard to give it a little texture.

    One of my favorites to top sandwiches would be a blend of roasted red pepper, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and some garlic. It's delicious and low in calories.

  4. John, you are speaking my love language, I loooove roasted red peppers. Thank you for the idea of using them in vinaigrette/sandwich spread! I love the roasted piquillo peppers from Trader Joe's. I'm going to try it.

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  6. BBQ sauce! Love it on everything!

  7. Hey babe, I don't remember if I told you that I grabbed the Maille Rich Country Dijon when I moved here or not. But it's been three weeks, the jar's half empty (even though it's just me). and yeah. I'm in love. Their country dijon is like the love child of their smooth classic style and the whole grain style, and it's just perfect. It's the mustard flavor I remember from when I lived in France, and the first mustard that's lived up to those that I've gotten State-side... go figure, it's a French import. But I'm going to grab a few bottles before I leave, because I adore it so much. I made a simple vinaigrette with it, and man. Awesome.

    I was surprised to see that Hunt's is now making HFCS-free, sugar-only ketchup AND selling it at the normal price. It's got more sodium than I'd like, but I grabbed some of that anyway -- L loooooves ketchup like you wouldn't believe. I had some with my nearly meatless meatloaf (8oz of TJ's 95% lean but 6-8 servings), and it was just so much more delicious than other bottled ketchups are. (As well, Jiff's got a completely natural, HFCS-free, sugar-only peanut butter that kicks the ass of the original. I love having a tablespoon or so of PB to go with my apple slices or celery sticks at work, and yeah. It's great. Too bad the jellies and jams are almost all HCFS filled, but I found a local strawberry jam that's not, as sometimes I like to add a teaspoon of jam to my yogurt for a little sweetness instead of brown sugar or honey.)