Friday, April 23, 2010

No-Weigh Friday

Lots of tidbits today. First let's start with a non-scale victory...I noticed my hip in bed the other morning, I actually felt bone. So I scrambled out of bed to take a quick hip/butt measure and since starting New Rules I have lost THREE INCHES off my hips and bottom! I've gone from a 44 to 41, I'm so excited.

I visited the farm yesterday and purchased eggs, raw yogurt and (drum roll please) raw milk that had just been given up by the lovely Jersey cows a couple of hours before I picked it up. Now that's fresh. I'll get back to the milk, let me start with the eggs.

Farm fresh egg, left/free range egg from Whole Foods, right

Quite a remarkable difference! Not all of them are shaped that way, but they vary in shape and color, where the supermarket eggs are fairly uniform in size and color. I was eager to break a couple open and since I'm baking this afternoon I got right to it...

Farm fresh, left/supermarket, right

Would you look at how much richer the farm fresh egg yolk is? I was so excited when I saw that deep yellow color. They even smelled different, much less of that raw egg "eggy" smell that I loathe. I'm really excited to have them for dinner tonight.

The raw milk yogurt was a revelation. It has a lumpy texture, not uniformly smooth like processed yogurt but the buttery, mildly tangy flavor is amazing. I had it over strawberries this morning and almost felt like I was eating lightly whipped, poured cream. It will definitely buy it again.

I didn't think I was ready for raw milk but once I saw the farm in person and how happy those cows are grazing on that lovely green pasture, I just knew I had to try it. I drank some as soon as I got home. Another revelation. When I first moved to the south, I found local milk in the supermarket. It was pasteurized but it was fresh and came in a glass bottle. It was the best tasting milk I had ever tried but was never able to find it again. I'm happy to report that this milk is even better. Rich, creamy, fresh and almost sweet and served up in a mason jar which I find so charming. This milk is so tasty that it's just begging to be served alongside of fresh, homemade cookies. So I made up some dough for macadamia chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies that Rob and I will have as a treat this weekend. How am I not head first in that bowl gorging myself on chilled cookie dough right now? No idea but I'm psyched about it.

After my visit to the farm, I headed to Lisa's for coffee morning. I took some of the milk with me to lighten my coffee. No one would try it and I think my friends are waiting for me to drop over dead from a bacterial infection. Lisa said that she'd try it if I was still standing this morning. Like Sir Elton John, I'm still standing so Lisa, I'm going to have fun seeing you drink those words. ;)

I wouldn't drink raw milk from just anywhere but now that I have a reliable source it will definitely be making it into our fridge bi-weekly, if not more often. Read more about raw milk at Raw Milk Facts, visit a local farm and give it a try. It's a wonderful experience. It's what my grandmother drank growing up from her Zio Giovanni's (Uncle John) farm back in southern Massachusetts. The thought makes me smile.

Tuna and White Bean Salad

This meal was fabulously tasty and so simple. Pick up the latest issue of Everyday Food and try it. The garlic and white beans makes a wonderful combination and the Sicilian green olives I got at Whole Foods were a great addition.

Congratulations, you've made it to the end of this little novel. I hope you have an amazing weekend! And to my coworker Carla, I know you're reading. I'm rooting for you!


  1. I have that magazine! i will be sure to try it.

  2. I want some of that cookie dough!

    We buy local eggs, and they really are each different. I think they taste better. Freshness counts!

  3. Wow look at the difference! Who knew!

  4. Totally cool...way to eat local!

  5. Now I want farm fresh eggs, raw milk and yogurt.... and that salad. Great post!

  6. I tried raw milk before and there is a major differnce in store bought vs real, tastes so creamy and rich!