Friday, April 30, 2010

No-Weigh Friday

Happy Friday! It's been a lovely and very much needed relaxing morning after a bit of a funny week. PMS has had me feeling bloated and irritable for the last few days so the trip to the farm and lunch with Donna has restored my faith in humanity. I bought more milk, yogurt and eggs and got on regular rotation for weekly milk pick up each Friday. I had the last of the milk with my Yorkshire tea this morning and I'm happy to report that it was just as fresh and sweet as when I first picked it up last Thursday.

Mr. Hammond, the Dad of the farm, spent a good bit of time with us today and introduced us to these guys...

Charlotte, Wilbur and No Name

They are Tamworth pigs known for their tasty bacon. We got to pet them, they feel just like a boar bristle brush. I was surprised just how cute and friendly they are, their curly tails actually wag. Mr. Hammond was showing us where the different cuts of meat come from and Wilbur was just loving the attention.

Grunts of happiness!

It was so sweet that Donna and I may have a little twinge of guilt the next time we belly up to a ham sandwich for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, we came back to eat and I served a bit of the fresh yogurt with fruit salad. I was really excited to find that the taste and texture was quite different from the first batch. Not surprising because there will always be batch differences in local, grass fed milk. I really like the diversity of dealing with farm fresh goods, it's a nice change to the sterile "sameness" of supermarket goods.

We went out on the deck after lunch and I screeched with delight when I noticed this...


It's from the early girl plants, I can't wait until it's red and ripe and sun warmed. I can taste it now. Now I'm going to take my Entertainment Weekly outside and sit in the sunshine for a bit. Rain is in the forecast for the next few days so I'm going to make the best of this lovely day. Stay tuned for the monthly weigh-in tomorrow and the kick off of the healthy beverage challenge. "Open health" and give water a chance!


  1. Man, I don't know if I could eat bacon after seeing how happy the pigs were, lol!
    Nice tomato - I've got to wait a few more weeks before I can plant mine...

  2. It is awesome how "in touch" you are getting with the food you are eating as well as supporting local producers. Congrats your new tomato! So exciting... I can't believe how quick its been!