Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Photo Day

Gardening is hard work but it is fun and very rewarding. Here's the photo story of the inauguration of Shady Dame's 2010 garden season...

Making Mel's Mix, equal parts vermiculite, peat moss and organic compost

While Rob finished the raised beds I worked on my beloved containers

The hanging baskets in place on the front porch
impatiens and creeping Jenny
impatiens and asparagus fern

Far right, the mint pot (sweet mint and orange mint)
out of shot, sweet banana peppers
Table, rosemary/marigolds/thyme

Left, Italian oregano/chives/tarragon
Center, sweet basil/spicy globe basil/African blue basil
Right, Italian flat leaf parsley

I saved the containers from last year's pre-made flower bowls and made new ones using snap dragons, violet petunias accented with silver lace dusty miller

Right, Better Boy
Center, Early girl 50 days
Left, Cherry 100

The outdoor room is ready for enjoying

Which we did after a long day's work


  1. Lovely! I wish we could plant stuff now - I have itchy garden finger LOL!

    I love your porch.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I want to be a gardener so bad but never seem to stick it out. Maybe you'll be my inspiration this year...I'd love to have fresh basil to cook with!

  3. Gorgeous! I am jealous, I definitely do not have a green thumb at all :(

  4. Fantastic everything looks so nice ... Spring is in the air,,

  5. Andra, I love this post! Any advice for a beginning gardener? As a fairly new homeowner, I would like to tackle our little yard and porch/deck this year--but i don't know where or how to start! I'm thinking of knocking on one of my neighbors doors and asking for help--because there are some seriously pretty yards on my little street and i dont want mine to stand out. It seems like people who garden are always willing to help out. I just need a little direction, and don't think i have the money to pay a landscaper. (I live in the city, afterall..) Do you have any good resources to point me towards!?

    Thanks in advance! Happy blogging.

  6. Michele,

    Container gardening is a great place to start learning. Buy some pretty pots, some garden soil and some flowers, plants and herbs that you like the look of. Fill the pots with soil then transplant your goodies. I like to top the pots with sheet moss, it finishes them off nicely and helps keep the soil from drying out too fast. Keep them in a sunny spot and give them love and water and you'll have a garden. I've been learning as I go and the more I do it the more I love it.

    Watch this space for our adventures in square foot gardening, I ordered my vegetable seeds today and we hope to get the first seeds sown next weekend.