Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Photo Day

This photo day is dedicated to my husband Rob. To say he spoils me would be an understatement. When I said I wanted a vegetable garden last month he set to work straight away, making plans and lists, going back and forth to Lowe's countless times, lugging bags of smelly compost and piles of wood, sawing and hammering and wrestling with rolls of chicken wire. This morning he woke up feeling sore all over so I'm going to make him special breakfast and let him have the day off.

I love you Bunny!

Rob as a school boy

Rob with his Dad at his childhood home in England

Uncle Bunny

Rob the Builder


  1. That is so sweet...would love to see pics of your new garden, too.

  2. Thanks Kyle. I'll be posting a photo story of the new garden boxes with before, during and after pics once we get things planted. Watch this space!

  3. How nice! Good luck with the garden!