Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Photo Day

One week ago we took these tiny dry seeds out of a packet, put them in some dirt, gave them water and a pep talk every morning and a week later lovely little living sprouts emerged. It's just amazing! I can't take the credit, it all goes to Mother Nature. Well not all of it. Much of it goes to the hard work of my husband...

3/27/10 Rob completes the bed frames

4/4/10 Rob making Mel's Mix to fill the finished beds


4/5/10 The are beds leveled with back fill soil and
the square foot dividers completed

4/11/10 The planting begins

4/16/10 The rutabagas make their presence known

The rutabagas, just 24 hours later, amazing!

Chioggia Beets

Bibb lettuce

We planted the two front beds and have sprouts in over 50% of the squares. Here is what we planted and what has sprouted so far...

Turnip greens
New Zealand spinach
Bibb lettuce
Diva endive
Italian lettuce blend
Chioggia beets
Rainbow Swiss chard
Flame lettuce
Mixed lettuce

We're waiting on sprouts for...
Golden beets
Yellow Swiss chard
Solar yellow carrots
Parisian market carrots
Amsterdam carrots

We'll be doing the next wave of planting in the coming weeks, more tomatoes, more salad greens, 3 varieties of summer squash, bush beans, snow peas, and I will transplant the banana peppers that I have in the pot now that they are thriving.

What have you planted this season/what are your garden plans?

If you've never planted anything, try it. It's really rewarding and exciting to see things come to life. I will keep tracking the progress and can't wait until I can share the photos of the first harvest.


  1. Sprouts! Love it!

    I pretty much grow flowers because of space issues, but I also grown a couple herb pots, mostly basil.

  2. Wow! That is so great...thanks for the pics. I was curious what that project looked like....give that hubby a big hug for that project.

  3. I love it! Can't wait to visit and give them all a few encouraging words. ;-) I'm really going to enjoy seeing the progress.