Friday, May 14, 2010

After the After

Why do people enjoy reading weight loss blogs? Why do you? Is it for the transformations, you know, that amazing moment when you see the before picture next to the dramatic after picture? Is it for motivation, information or just entertainment? Does it become less interesting after the after?

I never read healthy lifestyle/weight loss blogs before I started my journey to a healthier life. I figured, what was the point? I had failed so many times, it would just make me feel bad about myself. While perhaps seeing someone with the same struggles as me might make me feel better, I never wanted to get caught in the trap of needing someone to do poorly to somehow validate myself. I think building one another up is a much better use of time.

I know that I'm not "at goal" (which is pretty fluid because I'm learning that being healthy has much less to do with the number on the scale than with how a healthy life is put into action on a daily basis) but I am indeed maintaining my 100 pound weight loss. I wonder if it's not as interesting reading about maintenance and furthering my healthy lifestyle than it was when I was working through my emotional eating issues and struggles to get myself moving. I hope that's not the case, that I can continue to inspire you to take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle and keep walking it day after day.

I read healthy lifestyle blogs now, I really like the ones from people who are maintaining their healthy lifestyles and keeping the motivation to exercise alive day after day. These are people I look to for inspiration. Because while maintenance isn't nearly as exciting as seeing the before and after transformation, maintenance is where the real magic is. Taking what we've learned about health and fitness and applying it to our lives. Every. Single. Day.


  1. I love reading blogs about the before, the struggle, the during and the after and all healthy lifestyle stuff. I've lost and regained many times so I'm interested in reading about how people who have lost weight are able to maintain it. The maintenance part is always where I trip up so I obviously need to learn some of those lessons.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I love reading all kinds of blogs. I enjoy maintenance blogs probably the most because they really give you the idea of what goes on to keep weight off from a real perspective. Especially when it is a blog from someone who has lost a lot of weight and kept it off.
    Like you, I am not quite at the number goal yet, but that has become less important to me as time goes by. It's more important that was has come off stays off than getting rid of the last 10 pounds.

    There are some blogs that I stopped reading because I wasn't feeling too good reading them, but that is more likely the way the blogger presents themselves. Writing style can do a lot to invite readers in to share more or turn them off.

  3. I'm with you...I never read any other blogs before I started my own. I'm also essentially in "maintenance", though I have a long way to go before I feel I'm truly "fit" and not just thinner than before.

    I like the blogs where people are really trying hard at their efforts...and while I appreciate the occasional slip-up post (I had one of those recently), I get turned off at the constant whining (I can't do this!) type of posts.

    I like it for the community feeling...that there are other normal people out there trying hard and being successful.

    That sort of thing...

    Looking forward to a garden update! Hint...Hint.

  4. Maybe an odd reason--I started reading your blog because you remind me of my mom. You aren't, of course, her age, but at the beginning you had a very similar relationship to food. I'm still working on helping my mom change her life, but I liked to see proof that someone like her could do it.

    Now I read because your blog is motivating for me. I grew up in the South, as part of an overweight family. While I've never been significantly overweight, I've also never been around adults who had healthy eating styles. So, I get that from blog reading. I love seeing new recipes and getting new ideas of healthy foods. I consider yours to be one of my "lifestyle" blogs, not really a weight loss blog at all.

  5. Thanks so much for all your insightful comments so far!

    Kyle, I will be doing a garden update soon, with pics. Promise!

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