Sunday, May 16, 2010

Alive Expo

It was a fun take for a Sunday afternoon. We got there right at the start so we were able to see everything and get on our way before the heavy crowds settled in. I got a mini-massage from the Asha School of Massage students, it was heavenly. I think I'd like to go to the student clinic for a full body treatment. We did a wine tasting, got lots of tastings of different natural foods and bevvies and saw an interesting lecture about raw and living foods. There was a lovely lady there who is from Acworth, Georgia. She was selling her handmade soaps made from at least 95% local ingredients. The scents were amazing. I bought the Gaia and the Mediterranean Lime which I can't wait to use. She's got an online shop, in addition to selling at local shops and farmer's markets, so check it out~Indigo Bath and Body.

I think the absolute best thing was the free fresh young coconuts. There was a vendor serving them with a small hole cut in the top and a straw. The fresh coconut water is so flavorful and refreshing and really healthful. Once I was finished drinking the water, I took it back and he cut it open for me so I could eat the chewy, tender flesh inside. I took it home with me and have been picking at it. It's SOOOOO yummy.

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. I'll be back later in the week with my post about making homemade ricotta cheese. Take good care and have a fantastic new week!


  1. I love coconut water!

    Those expos are always so much fun. I don't know if that makes me a dork or what LOL.

  2. Fresh coconut water is the best. It can also be cleansing, if you drink it first thing in the morning.

    Back when I lived in Mexico, there were these great little stands that opened the coconuts right in front of you and filled bottles with them. You could get a half liter or a whole liter of coconut water. It was the BEST.