Sunday, May 9, 2010

Homemade Butter

One evening when my sister and I were kids, my mother poured heavy whipping cream into a bowl. She got out the electric mixer and let us take turns whipping the cream. Once the cream was perfectly whipped she told us to keep mixing. We asked why. Mom told us we were making butter. My sister and I were delighted by this and once the cream had been transformed we spread the thick, golden butter on Town House crackers. It was the best butter I had ever

Since there are so many wonderful butter brands available (hello, LURPAK) I never really thought about making my own. Until I started to get the farm fresh milk. Because the fresh milk isn't homogenized, the rich cream settles right to the top. I couldn't wait to use that amazing grass fed cream to make my own butter.

Skimming the cream

I skimmed off about 8 ounces of the cream, not all of it because the fat in raw milk is some of the healthiest you can feed your body. Next, I poured the cream into a bowl with a pinch of kosher salt and went to work with my electric mixer.

Mmmmm, cream!

Keep beating and beating, to soft peaks...

to fully whipped, then keep mixing until it loses volume and starts to look curdled...

the cream will break and the fat will form into globules and separate from the liquid, notice the color change...

Mmmmm, butter!

I strained the butter using a fine sieve and a paper towel then transferred it to a small ramekin.

It didn't make a lot, just a few tablespoons but was so worth the effort when we spread the butter on warm, homemade bread...

Rob was quite disappointed that there was none left for his bacon butty this morning. He's getting spoiled, I tell you!

If you've never tried making butter, give it a go. It's fun and the treat at the end is well worth the time.


  1. Well done! Definitely on my to-do list. I just can't seem to part with the cream from my milk. I've looked for underground sources, but can't find one. I'm glad to see the progressive pics. I might get back to you when I can part with the cream..