Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Chicken Day!

So excited that I was up quite early. I let Rob sleep in, which got us to the farmer's market later than I had wanted. Farmer's markets are like Walt Disney World, you need to get in early, get what you want and get out before "they" arrive en masse.


The strawberries were gone but I made out well for the Grand Aioli to pair with Sonja Henie this evening.

Little tiny turnips with all the glorious greens attached, small red beets and lovely red bliss potatoes. The sweet corn is for the grill tomorrow and I can never resist raw local honey. In the paper bag is some freshly made mini flat breads that I'll pair with a spinach salad as a light lunch this afternoon.

I picked up these beauties yesterday at the farm when we got my milk and eggs (Susan got the eggs right from under the hens in the hen house for me and they were still warm!) I really wanted to serve some things that came from the same farm that raised Sonja so I couldn't resist these fresh spring onions and beautiful summer squash. I love that lemon-lime color!

We came home to see the day lilies starting to open. This one is my favorite with that splash of crimson in the center. It's got this sort of alien thing going on which I just love. The hydrangeas are really coming along. It's amazing how different soil creates different colors on the blooms.

The blue is on the side of the house...

the purple is in the back garden. I can't decide which is lovelier, so I won't.

We pick Sonja up at 4pm, so until then I'll be pottering around my house enjoying the day. I want you to do the same. Life is yours, not for the asking, but for the taking. Grab it by the balls and squeeze every bit of joy from it you can. You're in charge of your own happiness, so get out there and make it happen!

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  1. Farmer's markets can be so much fun...not only with all the food vendors, but usually the large ones have musicians and other entertainment. I do get intimidated at times at the market; don't really know why though. I get shoppers fright and still manage to buy the same boring things I'm used to at the supermarket. I was starting to get more adventurous when we lived in NorCal and started looking at the Asian veggies.

    What beautiful flowers too!