Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One More Shift

I walked the whole neighborhood this morning and did some running sprints a well. It's gorgeous out there. Yesterday I did some gardening before work. I'm worried that some of my tomatoes are infected with early blight. I mixed up an organic fungicide with baking soda, vegetable oil and castile soap. I soaked all the tomato plants with it in the hope of recovering the ones that are poorly and saving the new ones. I may have to visit the local nursery for some professional advice. Not only is gardening helping to teach me patience (which I always need more of,) it is teaching me that nature doesn't always swing our way and there may disappointments along the way.

Aside from my tomato dilemma I'm pretty excited, I have one more shift this evening before a nice mini-vacation. I logged a lot of hours this month and really enjoyed spending extra time with all of my residents but I'm definitely looking forward to the break.

In anticipation of some planned indulgences over the long weekend, I've made a commitment to eat super clean at least until Thursday evening. No refined sugars/carbs and eating lots of raw veggies and fruits, good fats and lean protein. I was feeling particularly bloated from my period Sunday and Monday and I'm already feeling lighter. Yesterday's lunch was two boiled eggs, spinach and avocado drizzled in Dijon mustard. The extra good fat is amazing, it is so filling, helped keep me alert and energetic well until my dinner break. It is no wonder that low fat diets are so miserable. Eat some good fat today and see how good it makes you feel!


  1. Last week I purchased several different types of good oil. Some were pretty expensive and I can tell by the taste that you get what you pay for.
    I've been eating really clean lately too and instead of butter/margarine, I've become a fan of putting Olive Oil on my veggies... or rice. It is yummy!

    Hope your tomatoes recover.

  2. Yay for clean eating! We can do this :D