Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Photo Day

Ahhh, Sunday, even the name evokes a sense of relaxation and delight. Rob and I had a lovely morning at the pool, the teenagers like to sleep late and everyone else goes to church so we had the place to ourselves. I did some vigorous water jogging and some laps then spent the rest of the time just floating in the sun. We've just had a leisurely breakfast and plan on spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon together watching the World Cup.

Summer officially begins tomorrow but it came very early to our part of the country. The crape myrtles don't usually start blooming until mid summer at the earliest so this is a lovely treat this time of year. Isn't that purple heavenly?

I saw this little guy moving across one of our flagstone steps on Friday afternoon. This humble snail can teach us a lot about life...take your time, enjoy the ride and avoid getting stepped on.

That's all for now, my book is calling me. I bid you a splendid Sunday and hope your week is as joyous as...


  1. Mmm- happy Sunday. Your breakfast looks delish. What did you have exactly?

  2. Miss Felicity~ farm eggs scrambled with a bit of butter, herbs, greens and tomatoes from the garden.

  3. I love crape myrtles, especially when there are several of them planted together in different colors. They're so summery to me.

  4. Wait! I got it!....remember in life to find a way to leave your mark.

  5. I must say that your photography did that snail some serious made a snail look beautiful.

    Now if your analogy could just handle the trail of slime left behind, I'd feel a tad

  6. .remember in life to find a way to leave your mark.

    Mr. Gershman, you are awesome!