Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What $14 Worth of Great Health Looks Like...

This little lot from the Kennesaw Farmer's Market was "just picked" within the last 24 hours, straight from the garden to my kitchen. What is all this stuff? Let's start at the top...

Cucumbers for the Thai beef salad
A huge Armenian cucumber that I'll make a quick pickle for sandwiches and juice what's left
Zucchini for the juicer
Georgia peaches, from Peach County (I love that) from the "scratch and dent" box, 4/$1
A super ripe cantaloupe, the perfume on this thing is intoxicating
Red bell pepper
Mixed tomatoes for the chicken pesto salad
Sunburst or patty pan squash for the grill
Snap beans for the salmon and pasta dish
Baby white eggplant for grill, it's meant to be creamy and less bitter than traditional eggplant, I can't wait to try it

I can't help but reiterate the fact that the farmer's market is the best resource for the freshest most, beautiful produce at the absolute best prices. I love looking the grower's in the eye while they tell me about their gardens or farms and the way they like to prepare their goodies. They don't have to hide behind fancy packaging, lobbyist propaganda or marketing hype, the product tells it all.

If you haven't yet, please take a moment to locate a farmer's market or CSA in your area at Local Harvest.org. Support your local farming community!


  1. Thanks for that link, Im going to check it out & see if there are any close by. I usually get ALL my groceries at Demoulas which buying healthy fruits & veggies tends to be a bit more expensive. I have never actually bought from a farmer's market... so the prices are normally good you say? Either way, your pile of yummies looks delicious, and youre making me hungry, thanks!!!!

  2. Hey Andra, when you go to the market, do you have recipes in mind, or do you approach it the other way around - designing recipes for the days ahead from what's ripe and ready? We're in a CSA for the first time and I'm having a total blast - arugula pesto, strawberry shortcake, spinach lasagna - so fun - but I need to get better at the every-few-days produce for the day-in and day-out meals, not just the 'special' ones, you know? Just curious about your approach. Thanks!!


  3. Hey Steph... I tend to have an idea of what I want to make before I set out to the market and then I can tweak the idea to match what catches my fancy. It was a tough transition because I like to plan my menus 5-7 days at a time then make shopping lists based on that. But I'm getting better at meal planning on the fly. I also like to hear how the farmer's best like to prepare what they grow, I get lots of ideas that way.