Sunday, July 11, 2010

BBQ Sunday

I know I've been promising a garden update and here is the sad little picture...

Rob and I vastly overestimated the amount of light the area would get when we were planning our garden. We didn't get any beets under the ground, but I have harvested some of the baby lettuces and the spinach has done quite well. Some ugly beetle things are chomping the heck out of my squash plants so I will have to get out there this evening with the soap spray. We're still four weeks away from seeing if there are potatoes and carrots forming and I'm starting to see some tiny cucumbers starting to peek out so I haven't lost all hope yet.

The deck garden, on the other hand, has been doing marvelously. The herbs are big and lush, the tomatoes have rebounded from the blight and the banana peppers are getting nice and fat.

And check out the color on the purple basil...GORGE!

Rob has been in and out of his office this weekend overseeing the new carpet installation but we managed to sneak away for a lovely BBQ lunch this afternoon. Rob could not wait to eat his pulled pork.

I was so excited to see macaroni and cheese on the menu, I had been wanting it but it's a trigger food for me so I don't make it at home. It was the perfect portion to satisfy the craving and omigod so good. The ribs were perfect, very meaty. This may have been lunch but I won't be needing any more food today, it was so filling. I do have some beautiful cherries in the fridge if I need something sweet later.

I'm settling in to watch the World Cup final. It's been such a fantastic tournament, I've watched just about every game and enjoyed all the fanfare so much. Netherlands V. Spain is about to start. I'm rooting for Spain because there are just two things I hate in this world, people who are intolerant of other people's cultures. And the Dutch.

Gotcha! I'm kidding, that's my favorite line from Goldmember (remember, the absolutely fabulous Michael Caine as Nigel Powers?) I will root for Spain in honor of my friend Ted who adores the Spain national football team. Viva Espana!

I'm girding my loins for the juice fast tomorrow. It comes at a perfect time, I don't think I'll be hungry for at least a couple of days after today's lunch.

I hope your weekend has been wonderful, enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. Oooooo BBQ. That looks so good! I love that Texas toast, too.

    I think I missed why the juice fast?

  2. I did it last year just after the first of the year and mid year and I'm doing the same this year. I did a couple of days after Christmas and now I'm doing just a one day to reset the palate and give my system a rest.

  3. Your peppers are terrific. I grow them too and they're the best. That lunch made me salivate. Really.

  4. Garden locations are always so much "fun" to predict light for, lol. I'm having similar issues, things are coming along, just a little slower than I expected. :)

  5. Your peppers and basil look so good! And that lunch-YUM!

    I laughed at loud at your Goldmember quote! I love me some Austin Powers :D