Friday, July 30, 2010

No-Weigh Friday

It's Friday, yay! My goal of completing five workouts this week has been accomplished and I couldn't be happier. Because they're done, sure, but mainly because exercise is a mood elevator unlike anything else. If I can keep this feeling firmly in my mind, I will be able to keep the momentum going and get my strength and stamina back up to speed.

I just finished a lovely lunch of soft boiled eggs on toasted Ezekiel raisin bread. I know people poo-poo Ezekiel bread but that raisin bread is so satisfying and delicious. Mmmmm!

What are we eating at Shady Dame this weekend? Tonight will be a picky-nic of fresh figs from the farmer's market with goat cheese and prosciutto along with olive tapenade that Lisa has been raving about. I met the tapenade lady earlier this afternoon, her name is Anita and she's lovely. She gave me a little tub of her homemade boursin cheese to sample. I can't wait to try it. Some of my Italian favorites will make an appearance, sausage with peppers and mushrooms and pasta e fagioli which is pasta with a sauce of garlic, white beans and tomato. Sometimes you just have to have your soul food.

I'm going to catch up on my magazine reading (the pile has swallowed the coffee table) and start a new book this weekend, The House on Tradd Street by Karen White.

On Sunday evening I'm heading the monthly Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Brick and Mortar event at Harry's Whole Foods in Alpharetta, GA. It's such a fun event, think a fashion show party only with perfume. There will be great company, fantastic perfume to sample and purchase, courtesy of Black Phoenix and some fabulous snacks courtesy of Whole Foods. If you're local to the Atlanta area, come join us this Sunday from 5pm-8pm.

It's just gone 2pm, so like Young MC I have to bust a move. I want to finish the laundry so I can watch the premier of Project Runway I recorded last night. Have an amazing Friday and MAKE IT WORK!


  1. I watched PR last night. Set aside extra time, as it was a long episode. I think it was 90 minutes?

  2. You have such a great palette for foods...there are so many foods I simply forget are out there...but then again, despite the SIZE of the typical megagrocer out there, the variety is still for crap!

    Good job on your workouts...another thing of mine that is under the weather. sigh.

  3. With as much of a food lover as you are I just had to tell you about a new fruit/veggie dip recipe I tried! It is super simple, and utterly deicious. I am a huge peanut butter fan, but know that it is only good in moderation, so I've found a way to have my apple, and peanut butter too.
    The recipe calls for 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup plain non-fat yogurt, and 2-3 tablespoons of honey (depending on how sweet you want it)
    Just mix them all together and you have a super satisfying, delicious dip for all your fruits and veggies.

    With all the recipies you've shared with us, thought it was time to give back. If you're a dipper, this is definately a great swap for any of the pre-made/pre-packaged ones out there!