Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One of *Those* Days

Just when I thought I was catching up on my rest, I got home from work last night to find that the air conditioning was down. In Georgia, central air is not a luxury. It is a necessity! It was cooler downstairs so Rob and I attempted to sleep on the couches. But only after he ran around, half-asleep, trying to figure out the problem. This is what engineers do.

Needless to say we got very little sleep and I'm here waiting for the call to let me know when the service chap is going to arrive. I missed my walk up the mountain :( and I had to take a personal day from work because, as everyone knows, the "repair window" is never an exact science.

I'm surprisingly calm and not grumpy. I'm slap happy from being tired, so much so that I laughed out loud when I read that the real feel in my zip code right now is 101 degrees. Today is the day that our very shady property really pays off.

I'm going to stare at the phone now and will it to ring.


  1. May the AC God come soon!! I love how it always goes out at the worst possible time.

  2. UGh! What did people do before air conditioning??

    Hope it got fixed promptly for you.