Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Personal Best

I've come back from having walked the farthest on a daily walk~
9, 300 steps! I covered every nook and cranny of the neighborhood then walked all the way out to the stop sign at Kennesaw Due West Road. I was moving really fast, too, did it all in just under 90 minutes. Challenge yourself this week and come back and let me know how you did!

It was a very pleasant long weekend and weather was a perfect dream, mild with low humidity that I don't think I've experienced in July since we've been here, which is 9 years this month.

On Friday, I made a proper Italian Sunday Gravy, the kind we ate on Sunday when I was growing up. I had prime grass fed ground beef from the farm that made the most amazing meatballs. It came out really well, not as good as Mother's but very close and delicious!

Rob and I went to a lovely gathering at Bill and Lisa's on Saturday. Grilled corn and beer brats and a Caprese salad that I made with herbs and greens from the garden and tomatoes from the farmer's market.

Here's a pic of Rob and me before we set out to the party. I finally got the nerve to cut all my hair off, it's quite short, but it's fun and sassy.

Sunday we went for brunch then we strolled around the shopping plaza. Rob snapped this pic with his Blackberry when I found my magazine article on the newsstand at Barnes and Noble after brunch.

On Sunday afternoon, Rob gave me a real scare. He disturbed a yellow jacket nest while doing some yard work and was treated to a good handful of stings for his trouble. Thank goodness he's not allergic, so benedryl and hydrocortisone cream was all he required as far as treatment goes. Poor guy!

We picked the new pastured chickens on Saturday. I marinated him overnight in lemon, garlic, herbs, white wine and olive oil and we slow smoked him over hickory on Monday. The hickory smoke tastes so good. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

The absolute best bit was early yesterday morning. I stepped out onto the deck first thing to greet the day, as I do every day and was treated to this gal staring back at me.I can't believe she didn't scamper off in the time it took me to slip into the house to grab my camera...

One last thing, the cheese book is still unclaimed. Tricia, please click here to give me your contact details so I can send you the book. If the book remains unclaimed by tomorrow (Wednesday) night, I will pick an alternate winner.


  1. I love your hair! So cute :D

    I cannot believe how long that deer stood still for you. Bet she had babies near by.

  2. Caprese salad is one of my all time favs! Toss in some roasted red peppers that were marinated in italian herbs, oil, and balsamic, and you really have a dish that can get you to skip dinner altogether!

    Oh...so sorry for your hubs run-in with the wasps...same thing happened to me on a hike once after a short off-trail detour (don't ask me why) that had me step on a pile of leaves covering the nest. I got 4-5 stings that bothered me for the next few days.

  3. Love your hair! When I saw that last pic you had posted a month or so back, I ran out and cut my own hair the next day. Love that cut.

    Your salad is GORGEOUS. I love how you combined the yellow and red tomatoes.

    Thanks for the deer video! You are so lucky to have a backyard where deer wander in.

    Happy week!

  4. Beautiful Caprese salad!

    I love that deer - I would call her Veruca, the way she is stomping her feet. "Andra, I want to eat your lettuce NOW!"