Friday, August 20, 2010

Farm Friday

Visiting My Dad and Me Family Farm every Friday is always a highlight of my week. I saw the calves, piglets and happy chickens running freely on a pasture. It's a big job, a tough job, my hat goes off to the Hammonds every time I visit and I am so lucky to have access to their wonderful products.

I picked up a gallon of cow juice, freshly squeezed this morning, half of which is going toward making homemade yogurt this weekend. I also picked up another dozen pastured eggs. I can't get enough of these eggs, in fact, I haven't purchased eggs other than the Hammond's pastured eggs since I first visited the farm back in April. The recent news of the factory egg recall due to salmonella makes me feel even more sure about my choices. Check out Eat Wild and Local Harvest for local farms in your area.

Here are some links about past farm posts for any new readers...

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It's been a good week, albeit a long one. Perhaps it only feels that way because I'm going on barely 6 hours of sleep. I've got 4 workouts under my belt so far and Rob and I have a mountain walk planned for tomorrow morning. I'm taking a rest day today, if you can call it a rest day when you have a mountain of laundry to do. Rob packed so much stuff for his trip, he must have been channeling me when he packed.

I'm going to leave you with this post from fellow blogger Miz Fit. (See link below.) I found it fascinating because yes, I feel that when one is blogging for an audience especially about health/fitness/weight issues I think there is a certain responsibility that goes with it. A responsibility to provide something positive and motivating at least some of the time. Perhaps also a responsibility to be honest and encouraging because even on days when I'm feeling down in the mouth and unmotivated, blogging about it then trying to put a positive spin on it helps me just as much as it may help you. What do you think?

Are bloggers role models?

Have a fantastic Friday, a beautiful day!

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  1. I love shopping local markets. Our local bigger stores actually carry some local stuff as well, which is great. They stock local eggs - thank you! We pay more for them, but it is good to know where your food comes from.

    Bloggers as role models - I left a long reply on her site. I have decided I am just me. Some people look to me for inspiration. Others don't agree with how I eat and live. I cannot control what someone thinks of my blog or their reaction to it.