Monday, August 16, 2010

Formula 409

I skipped the pool this morning in favor of some deep house cleaning. Which can be a fantastic workout, if you work fast, do not stop and get your whole body involved. According to the Fitness Partner Activity Calculator, I burned 409 calories during my 100 minutes of fast and energetic cleaning. The added bonus of having a sparkling clean house at the end is fabulous. Try doing rocking horse jumps while vacuuming. That'll get your heart rate going for sure.

Speaking of cleaning house, I am loving my Seventh Generation Free and Clear glass and surface cleaner and the foaming bathroom cleaner. I love that I'm cleaning and sanitizing without having to asphyxiate myself in the process. The glass cleaner works a treat, no smudges or streaks left behind. Sounding a little like a 1950's housewife now, better move on.

I seem to have gotten my eating back under control. Talking it out with Rob and blogging about it really helped. It's easy to get caught up in guilt and shame but that would only have hurt me in the long run. Being upfront with my issue and talking it out with someone I trust is a great strategy.

Rob will be home sometime on Wednesday so I'm going to do a big stock up shopping tomorrow morning before work. He's been eating in restaurants for well over a week now and he's going to need some delicious and nutritious home cooking and fresh juice when he gets home. The August issue of Cooking Light has some gorgeous recipes in it, so I've selected a few to prepare later this week and at the weekend. I'll be sure to photograph and review them if they are winners.

Since I'm still wishing for fall, I have a candy corn scented wax tart warming in the kitchen and it smells so good. My pumpkin earrings arrived, here I am modeling them along with my freshly cut pixie 'do, which am loving.

That's all for now. I'm going to have a big glass of ice water now and prepare some lunch. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.


  1. We are almost like twins with the hair!

    I love Simple Green cleaners. The smell is so nice and it works really well, too (always a bonus).

  2. Love the haircut! Congrats to getting back on track with meals. It's hard not to feel guilty when getting off course, but it only makes things worse. :-)

  3. Darling haircut!

  4. Who is that in the picture? Ginnifer Goodwin?

  5. Love the haircut! It really flatters you. I'm eager for fall too. I bought some Halloween dishes at Home Goods this past weekend. Had to remind myself it's still only August!

    Cute post title!