Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monthly Weigh-In: August 1st

I weighed in yesterday, as I do "officially" on the last day of the month. I knew I would be up a couple of pounds and I am, PMS plus Friday night wine equals bloat. But I'm doing pretty well with eating and had a great exercise week so I'm feeling quite good. I'm going to commit to another 5 day workout week, so I'm looking forward to next week. I have three days of weight lifting and two walks on the calendar. Scheduling my workouts like I do everything else works well keeping me on track.

I've got more garden drama to share with you thanks to these nasty little buggers...

They've already done a number on the garden boxes but now they have set their sights on my tomato plants. They stripped my purple basil to twigs and my Mr. Stripey tomato plant now looks like this...

Those tomatoes that you see are from the neighboring plant. Mr. Stripey has been just about stripped bare and he didn't even have a chance to give up one pretty striped fruit. These caterpillars do nothing but eat and eat and eat.

I'm out checking the tomato plants 5-6 times a day to hand pick them off, it's starting to freak me out. They are immune to soap spray and the organic pesticide I keep for emergencies so I have to resort to other methods, squashing them under my garden Crocs. They look like Flukeman but have green blood like a Romulan. UGH!

Aside from the pest unpleasantness, it's been a lovely weekend despite the relentless heat. Only 7 more weeks of summer, yay!


  1. Ah yes...perhaps one of the reasons I don't yet have a garden. Keep up the good fight!

  2. I did a little research...have you tried a BT spray? Perhaps its time to get your own on-site chicken...according to the web resources, they love to eat the tomato horn worms.


  3. What is that caterpillar?

    Flukeman ala the X-files? I was such a fanatic of that show.

  4. Thank you for your research, Mr. Gershman! I had no idea what that thing was.

    Lori, yes X-Files Flukeman. Apparently it is the tomato hornworm. So nasty!

  5. Ahhh that thing is gross and creepy looking!

  6. Those are the nastiest looking things I've about ever seen!!!

    My Tom discovered something in our kitchen cabinet that works better than any bug spray ever ... at least for stuff like ants and spiders:

    Non-stick Cooking Spray! (you know, like Pam? Although we're cheap & buy generic...)

    Maybe it would work on your creepy crawler?

  7. I second the BT suggestion. It's non-toxic and very effective. Having grown up in a tomato-growing family, I remember these guys all too well. Good luck!