Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Sound of Silence

The new windows are in! It was supposed to take two days but the gents worked until they were done, which was just before 8pm last evening. The house is cool and silent, so silent that Rob is still blissfully sleeping. The birds and blowers aren't going to wake my Bunny this morning.

I just put the coffee on, Joe's Diner Blend from Trader Joe's. It's a lovely smooth coffee, mild, bright and sweet. A nice change from the dark, heavy stuff we usually have. I filled my breakfast bowl with 4 ounces of cottage cheese, 4 ounces of big, fat blueberries topped with cinnamon and a 13 gram (1/4 cup) sprinkle of crunchy Kashi cereal. It's a generous breakfast for a mere 199 calories. I've done well with measuring (and tracking on Spark) my food this week and I feel the bloat is starting to recede. I don't like to have to track all the time, but sometimes it's a necessity to check yourself in order to reach your goals.

We've got some work to do today in setting the house to rights and then some work in the garden. I have a lovely dinner planned, pastured chicken (Jamie Oliver) rubbed with Indian spices and cooked low and slow on the rotisserie. I'm going to make a mango and cucumber raita to dip and my new favorite Indian vegetable dish, Punjabi Gobi. That's cauliflower sauteed in a hot skillet with fresh ginger, garlic, cumin seeds with a pinch of garam masala and hot chili flakes. It is so delicious. I'm excited for Indian flavors but without all the heaviness of thick curry sauce, rice and naan.

Coffee if calling, have a beautiful Saturday!


  1. I've had windows replaced in two different properties...those window guys can really fly through a job especially with the standard white vinyl stuff.

    I hope you'll enjoy your new stuff.

  2. Oh man you have me craving Indian now. LOVE Indian food. That sounds delicious!

    I made home made butter chicken last week from the Eat Drink and Be Merry cookbook. It's always a hit here.