Saturday, September 18, 2010

Savannah Saturday

Such a pretty morning for a road trip. We stopped for coffee on the way out of town and after a pleasant drive singing along with Queen we arrived in Savannah at 11:30am. The required driving photo...

My chauffeur

Happy passenger

We got a nice early check-in then it got little weird. We went to check out the room and it smelled beyond funky. I have a super sensitive nose (I always travel with scented candles and incense for this reason) but when Rob, who is hard of smelling, said how awful it smelled I knew there would be a trip to guest services in our near future. Gerry, the manager on duty was wonderful, had us moved to really nice, good smelling room and offered to refund our reward points we used for the stay. Woohoo!

We got a late start for lunch and found the place I really wanted to eat at mobbed and couldn't get a table so we grabbed a quick burger a Fudd's, not what I wanted but whaddayagunnado?

Then we hit the Broughton Street shops, The City Market, then down to walk the beside along the river. I popped into an antique shop along the way and spied the most gorgeous set of six Italian glass flutes. I'm such a sucker for unique glassware and I would have kicked myself all the way home if I hadn't grabbed them.

Rob had said I could chose my birthday pressie on this trip but this time the pressie chose me.

Get that Champagne chilling!

Here is the famous Waving Girl sculpture that overlooks Savannah River. I have so many photos of her, but none from this angle. I never get tired of looking at her.

Now we are back in the room cooling off, it's 91 degrees presently. The forecast for tonight is 67 and clear, so we'll be back out strolling the city and going somewhere for dinner and drinks. Where, who knows? but I promise some food and cocktail porn.


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  1. Oh you lucky, lucky girl!! You are in one of my most favorite places....there is something special about Savannah! And the glassware...I am turning green here with envy! Beautiful stemware is a passion of mine and I have to say...that is beautiful!!! You could have swung by my house and picked me up to go along! Have an awesome time....and you have to post lots of pictures!