Sunday, September 19, 2010

Savannah Serendipity

Warning~ Long post with lots of photos ahead...


We ended up at The Distillery which is a fantastic pub without the whole fake English or Irish pub gimmick, which always falls flat for my husband the expat.

Rob had fish and chips *gasp* but I opted to wait for dessert once I got a load of their signature dessert...

If you click on the pic to enlarge it, you will see why I am making that face. The face that says, "Something wicked this way comes." But we'll get to that after drinks.

The beer menu is vast with some really fun selections like Rogue Dead Guy, Purple Haze, Gamma Ray, Back in Black, Delirium Tremens and Golden Monkey. They do one-ounce samples of whatever catches your fancy. Right up my alley! I had a sample of Gamma Ray but opted for Punkin Ale with a cinnamon-sugar rim.

Like drinking liquid autumn! Rob had Delirium Tremens then Gamma Ray and I asked for a sample of Rogue Dead Guy.

Rob said he knows how it got its name. *ick*

I had a half pour of Purple Haze, which has a beautiful raspberry top note. We really kicked back, had a good long laugh and then ordered dessert. The next photos speak for themselves...

Needless to say, we ate the whole thing.


We set out on a long leisurely walk toward Forsyth Park. We stopped on all the squares along the way. The Historic District of Savannah is simply lovely but it's also a little quirky which really appeals to me. Outside a local pet shop called Whiskers, a refreshment center describing the "drink of the day."

This is the spot made famous by a character name Forest Gump. The bench is long gone but the scent chocolate of still lingers in the imagination.

We made it to the gorgeous fountain at Forsyth Park and we're hungry by this point. Now things start to get weird (again.) Across from the park is the Mansion on Forsyth Park which houses a restaurant that I've always wanted to try, the famous 700 Drayton. I was delighted when Rob spotted the sign.

No sooner had we sat down and took the first sips of our Georgia Peach Sweet Tea did the fire alarm sound and we were evacuated. Good thing our food hadn't come yet considering we ordered *wait for it* Crab and Cheddar Biscuit Benedict (poached eggs, grilled country ham, petite crab cake, hollandaise, hash brown potatoes) *drool*

So with heavy hearts and empty stomachs we headed off to find another place to eat and there it was...

Squee, the restaurant that I wanted to eat at yesterday! Funny how things work out.

I checked the pedometer when we sat down...

I had the crab and mango tartine with avocado on house made brioche.

Rob had an warm ham and cheese with apple slices on house made ciabatta.

A nutella filled macaron for dessert. Like nothing I've ever tasted...

An excellent lunch, worth the wait. We headed back to river street and I couldn't resist a stroll through the Savannah Candy Kitchen, which smells so good they should bottle it.

Best job evah!

Quite the day. If you made it to the end of this post, you're a star for sticking with me.

Rob is napping and I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine. We're off to the beach at Hilton Head tomorrow. I'm not sure if there will be wi-fi in our room so I'll see you when I see you. Cheers!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! That pumpkin beer sounds absolutely wonderful :D

  2. It just makes me happy to look at these pictures! I'm thinking a trip to Savannah just can't be too far off in my future! Thank you for the post!

  3. I so love Savannah! And I'm inspired by your comment about the wonderful smell of the sweet shop: I know *exactly* the scent you mean, and I think Beth needs to check it out; she's the only person I know of who actually *could* bottle that scent!! :)

    ~Laurel (Woodfairy)