Monday, October 25, 2010

Repost: Eff the Wagon

Since I'm probably at the mall with my sister, I thought I would repost a few of my oldies but goodies. This one was originally posted on Thursday April 30, 2009.

First it was Oprah falling off the wagon, now it's Kirstie Alley talking to Oprah about falling off the wagon. I have to admit, 10 minutes into the show and my back is up. The day the Jenny Craig person stopped coming to her house for weigh-ins, Ms. Alley fell off the wagon. This neither shocks nor surprises me. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, no shout, THERE IS NO BLOODY WAGON, THERE IS ONLY YOUR LIFE!

I wholly believe that the inability to lose weight (or lose weight and keep it off) has nothing at all to do with food and everything to do with wrong thinking. In order to get to the place I am right now I had to adjust a lifetime of thinking wrong thoughts about weight, about food, about me. Thinking that being "on a diet" was a solution, that cutting out entire food groups was a good idea, that the minute the diet is over that I could go back to eating whatever the heck I wanted, scale be damned. Thinking that once I "blew my diet" I'd pig out just because I deserved it. Thinking that food was love and comfort. Thinking that I wasn't really harming my health by eating crap. Thinking that being thin was the answer to all my problems, hopes and prayers. Thinking that it had to be all or nothing. Thinking that if I fell off the wagon I could get back on tomorrow. I wasted too many tomorrows thinking like that. I'm sure Oprah and Kirstie Ally have as well.

If you're struggling with weight issues, take an honest look at your thinking before you tackle the pantry. Small, manageable changes one day at a time and you will get your life back. There is no wagon, only life.

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