Sunday, October 10, 2010

Self Goal Challenge: Week 2 Wrap-Up

Hey, it's 10/10/10. I'd heard on the news that today is a big day for weddings because of the numbers. Best wishes to all the 10/10/10 newlyweds!

Self Goal Challenge week 2 recap...

I have no food porn or recipe reviews this week as I just didn't have time. I ate leftovers at work most of the nights and stayed with my tried and true breakfast, dinners and snacks for convenience. I stayed within my calories all week again and was never hungry. Which is awesome! I feel great if a little frazzled from a very long week.

I got in all my workouts, doing the elliptical and strength workouts from the Self challenge. I got in a walk up the mountain and especially enjoyed Zumba. Can't wait until Tuesday to try it again.

Rob put together a crock pot meal this morning for Sunday dinner. How super great is that, coming home from work and dinner is served. Pork roast, acorn squash and raisins with orange zest, allspice, orange juice and bit of brown sugar to make the sauce. My husband rocks and I can't wait to try it!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I will see you in the new week.

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