Friday, November 12, 2010


First Steps is the winner of the Bakery on Main giveaway, she was the 8th comment and the randomizer picked #8. I had a screen shot fail, so please take my word for it. :/ Thanks to everyone who participated.

It's Friday, so I'm off to the farm to pick up my milk and eggs. Then I'm heading to Kohl's to find a new sports bra.

How are you adjusting to the time change? It always messes with my system, but I'm feeling pretty good after getting some stellar sleep this week. I wish "they" would pick one and stick with it. Hmmph!

What have you got planned for the weekend? Rob and I are going to walk the mountain tomorrow and I have some nice menus planned (chicken paprikash, baked cod with lemony rice and brussels, cottage pie) so there will be some food porn forthcoming.

I'm going to have some pomegranate arils with yogurt and granola now, then I will get on my way. Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Well, Ill be heading back down to East Carolina University to take my baby sister to an Open House. While she is doing that, ill be attending an alumni rugby match. Havent decided if I am playing yet but it will be great to see old teammates.
    Speaking of sports bras, Target actually has a few nice ones these days. Feel grat and actually hold it all in place. Always a plus in my book!

  2. Yay for me!!! Thank you so much Andra!! I am so excited about winning, I look forward to trying the products! Yes, I wish we could skip the time change, I would prefer we kept the old one forever, I don't like darkness coming so early! Looking forward to the food porn!! Thanks again!