Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Chance Victories

It's November 1st! Nana always said, "Time marches on," but sometimes I feel like it's running rather than marching. In just two months we will have a bright and shiny new year laid out before us, full of possibilities and the promise of new experiences and adventures.

But that doesn't mean it's time to give up on 2010. Have you achieved your health and fitness goals this year? If so, wonderful, keep up that momentum up for the last two months and hit the ground running for 2011. If not, whether your goal is to eat healthier in between the holidays, to get in daily workouts or to organize your closet, there is plenty of time to get started on your last chance victory.

My first "last chance victory" is to finish my post on weight training, including the review of the New Rules of Lifting for Women book. I've got a half written post that needs some more thought and I really want to get that done. I know it will motivate me to get back to regular lifting and hopefully it will motivate you try it out.

I'm also going to focus on maintaining my weight and eating healthfully in between the handful of major holidays we have coming up and getting in my 4-5 cardio workouts, including 1-2 weight training workouts each week through the end of the year.

Rob and I have been slacking at the weekends when it comes to our walks together, so I want to focus on getting out and walking together on at least one weekend morning each week through the end of the year. We'll have some time off together during the last week of December so I'm going research some different trails for us to explore, as well.

There will be plenty of time for turkey, Christmas cookies and Champagne, but that's just a small part of this time of the year, tell me how you plan on using the last two months of the year to your most nutritious and delicious advantage.

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  1. I started my "weight loss" blog a little over a week ago. At least I hope it will be about weight loss! :)
    I have really been amazed at other peoples blog. Of course the ones that really inspire me, are the one who have actually made it, or are at least "on a roll"!
    Good to know there are others out there on a journey, and are excited about it.
    Diets always depressed me, but changing the way I eat and getting more exercise is SOOOO much better than going on a diet!